Thursday, May 24, 2012

AR Archaeology @ NYU Polytech! Live dig at World Science Fair!!!

[artist's visualization of what the dig might look like]
Skwarek shown during second find.
Amateur archaeologist and NYU Polytech faculty Mark Skwarek made a potentially promising find in the Brooklyn, NY, Metrotech Commons during the removal of one of the public artworks.  Skwarek, who grew up as a novice fossil hunter noticed a curiously shaped stone in some of the removal debris that had been dug up. Upon closer inspection the stone looked to be chalcedony in composition and had a crude semicircular pattern along it's edge. Skwarek had been on Native American digs before on the East Coast and it seemed that this might be a crude tool. He carefully collected and documented the artifact.  He then sent it to some of his past friends still involved in the field. It didn't take long before he received a very enthusiastic response.  All three archaeologists agreed that it was most likely a tool. Skwarek rushed back to Metrotech Commons and within 10 minutes he recovered what looked to be like a second artifact [pictured above at the time of the find/it was raining]. With the artifacts in hand and the recommendations of the tenured archaeologists Skwarek approached the administration with a formal request to conduct a larger excavation of the site. After some deliberation he was given permission to conduct a larger scale dig at the Metrotech Commons. The timing of the excavation and it's unveiling to the public will be centered around the World Science Festival 2012. There will be a multimedia component to the dig and viewers are strongly encouraged to bring smart phones and tablets [iPhone 3Gs or newer, iPad2 and most androids] for an enhanced viewing experience.

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