Monday, June 18, 2012

Returning the Stolen Parthenon Elgin Marbles to Greece

Mark Skwarek and Damon Baker have re-stolen the  from the .

See the art theft of the Millennium on Layar's ARINTERVENTION layar with your supported smart phone at room 18 in the British Museum.

The British Museum
The British Museum
the stolen marbles, West Pediment 
the stolen marbles, West Pediment 
room 18 with stolen marbles
art thief! ^^
we have stolen the Elgin marbles
screen caps of room 18 w marbles stolen
screen cap of room 18 w marbles stolen


Dick Mowbray said...

The Parthenon Sculptures were created from the tribute of one of the world's nastiest empires, one which was capable of terrorising its fellow Greeks to the extent that it executed the entire male population of a Greek island and sold the women and children into slavery. These sculptures represented the product of tyranny to much of Ancient Greece. There is a certain poetic justice about British possession of them now. As Thucydides himself said on the occasion of the above atrocity, justice is simply the interests of the strongest. Now there's something to ponder!

dlb said...

computation is more powerful than boats. Bring it knife crime island, bring it! (I get what you're saying i'm just saying "power"changes over time)