Wednesday, May 21, 2014

buy my book! 뉴미디어 아트와 게임 예술(게임문화총서)

buy my book!!
뉴미디어 아트와 게임 예술(게임문화총서)


Augmented Reality: The Political Potential of Hybridized Space

Locating Technology

Augmented Reality: The Political Potential of Hybridized Space

By Genevieve QuickMay 14, 2014
Locating Technology considers technology and artworks in rather broad terms, such as: mechanical objects, analog and digital photography and video, and computer and web-based work. Through these types of works, writers explore the evolution of technology and its effects on artists’ processes, disciplinarity, and the larger social context of media creation, dispersal, access and interactivity.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The 3rd annual NYU Digital Media Student Showcase

Please join us for the 3rd annual Digital Media Student Showcase, taking place at MAGNET (2 MetroTech Center 8th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201) on May 17th from 12-4PM!

About Integrated Digital Media

The academic programs in Integrated Digital Media at the School of Engineering consist of both Bachelor's and Master's of Science degrees that look at the field of digital media in a holistic way, as a spectrum of practices that runs the gamut, from interaction design to performing arts research, to photography, video, sound, and 3D graphics, to games, augmented reality, and human-computer interfaces. Our students are artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs working in extraordinarily fluid industries that reward the creative, the thoughtful, the technical, and the innovative.