Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Giant Monsters Attack Manhattan @ the Dumbo Arts Festival 2014!

Giant Monsters have begun to attack NYC and only you can save the city! Players must fight off waves of giant monsters who are trying to destroy Manhattan at the 2014 Dumbo Arts Festival. Viewers fight the monsters from the Brooklyn side of the East River with the mobile app Play AR. The app overlays virtual video game monsters onto the real world [Manhattan] with augmented reality. The game can only be played at the Dumbo Arts Festival because it is located with satellite tracking.

The startup Semblance AR is proud to launch the beta version of the Play AR app at the 2014 Dumbo Arts Festival! The Play AR app turns the entire planet into a multi-user video game. The app lets users play for territory in the real world. When players are victorious they win the land at the location they were playing. They can then customize the land [such as their house] with objects that they own or upload to the game. The app takes traditional gaming outside in a way that directly engages the real world. The app is FREE and currently available for the iPhone 4s and newer.