Friday, April 28, 2017

I'm suing the government! Milwaukee's unconstitutional GPS laws will not stand!


I'm suing the government! The US gov is trampling our constitutional rights in Milwaukee and we are taking them to court!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Judge for the Jingdong "project T"—artificial intelligence 3D modeling contest

I am a judge for this contest hosted by Jingdong [the 2nd largest eCommerce site in China]!

Details here-

Today, our technology-driven com-
munication with customers becomes
more and more frequent.Consumers
start to change the way they view
the digital world by shifting their
attention from mobile technology to
the scenes and context in which
they spend time.
Immersive, touch-style space is no
longer out of reach,people tend to
go closerto or even beyond their
real demand.Rebuilding the real en-
vironment becomes a proposition
which cannot be ignored! The rise
of artificial intelligence gives
new ways to people in pursue of
technical innovation.
Jingdong "project T"—artificial intelligence 3D modeling contest is co-sponsored by JD, Intel, HTC VIVE, Xiaomi VR and other industry leading companies , supported by China Augmented Reality Alliance and The School of Power.
The contest is a large-scale technical event which is oriented to outstanding technical teams, innovator studios in China and oversea areas alike, taking artificial modeling and automatic modeling as the core of technical competition in a wish to find and establish innovative tools which will lead to remarkable improvement of online shopping experience.
It aims to concentrate industry innovation power, to upgrade JD VRAR industry alliance, and to bond partners’ work together for win-win situations.
he contest was conducted in the form of a preliminary and final competition
1.With 3D modeling and automatic modeling tools as the core of technology,we promote the fusion of multiple technologies such as artificial intelligence somatosensory and gesture recognition,AR,VR,speech recognition,LBS,face recognition etc,aiming to build a new online shopping experience with new technology.
2.Technical landing services can be sketched out in the following dimensions: 3D shopping experience, scene shopping guide, multi-screen interaction, 3D marketing (customizable special promotional materials, such as characters or spreading materials), technical solutions for targeted industry (such as 3C, Baby, FMCG, home improvement, etc.), and cooperation with external internet flow giants , e.g. Baidu to develop 3D or other shopping experience.

More info here

I'm writing the preface 4 the 2nd edition of "Augmented Reality Art: From an Emerging Technology to a Novel Creative Medium"

I'm writing the preface 4 the 2nd edition of "Augmented Reality Art: From an Emerging Technology to a Novel Creative Medium". Buy the 1st one here!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Buy my Book! Game Changer: How Augmented Reality Will Transform the World of Sports!

Buy my Book!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Showing at Creative Tech Week 2017!!

Showing at the main room Creative Tech Week 2017!
I'm showing my new faculty research project titled....
VR for Peace at Creative Tech Week 2017!
We are going to solve the world's problems w VR @ Creative Tech Week 2017!
Be there!
From VR, 3D printing and hackathons to fashion tech, data visualization, digital art, interactive installations and STEAM, Creative Technology is front and center in innovation success stories across the corporate and non-profit landscape.
Creative Tech Week, held from May 12 to 21, 2017 in New York City, is a crowdsourced festival created to showcase the cutting-edge research, art, media, and community initiatives being generated in the field of creative technology.

NYC Combine Grant Finished!!

The Semblance AR Team finishes the NYC Combine program!!!!!! 100 interviews complete!!!!!!!!!
To say this was a lot of work is not doing it justic... The Combine was very tough but we made it out... now if we could get that grant money.... lol.

Combine Demo Day 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017 from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM (EDT)
dateThe Greene Space at WNYC & WQXR
44 Charlton Street
New York, NY 10013
Organized by NYC Media Lab
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The 5th Annual NYU Tandon School of Engineering Research Expo

I'm showing 3 pieces at this year's NYU Tandon Research Expo!

The 5th Annual NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Research Expo
April 21, 2017  1 PM - 4 PM
The NYU Tandon School of Engineering invites you to the 5th Annual Research Expo on April 21, 2017, at the MetroTech Commons, in the heart of Brooklyn Tech Triangle. The highly interactive expo will showcase dozens of the most promising and exciting research projects from every academic department, as well as exhibits from the school’s Center for K-12 STEM Education, which is dedicated to boosting science, technology, engineering, and math education in New York City’s public schools.
NYU Dean of Engineering Katepalli R. Sreenivasan will welcome the public to the event to view the results of the school’s undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research. “This is an opportunity to show the scope and importance of our work, especially to young visitors who might not have considered a career in a STEM discipline,” he said. “Engineers and applied scientists develop practical solutions for critical problems faced by society, and our hope is that the work demonstrated at the Research Expo will light a spark of interest in students to become future generations of creative inventors, innovators, and technology entrepreneurs.”

Vikram Kapila, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and one of the organizers of the event added, “The Research Expo will be eye-opening and enjoyable for everyone, from the most seasoned technologists to the youngest visitors. From 
robotics, to augmented reality, to the latest in bioengineering, theResearch Expo will demonstrate just how many incredible developments are taking place right here in Downtown Brooklyn at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.” We hope you will join us in this celebration of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship.The Expo is free and open to the public.

For more information please visit

Xiamen, China -- International VR/AR Summit 2017!