Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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BP – “The leak in your Hometown” an Augmented Reality APP for Iphone

Submitted by Willy A on Fri, 07/09/2010 – 13:10

ImageI don’t even know if we can call this an Augmented Reality APP, because “the leak in your home town” is all about the Real Reality! So, let’s be optimistic and get some hope from people who really care for our children but also for our planet in general. Joseph Hocking (Professor) and Mark Skwarek ( Digital Artist) are working on this new AR “Green” project and plan to release an Iphone APP very soon. This is the type of application that will help us to never forget, but also be aware of what’s going on in our ocean. This is a perfect example of AR Iphone App that really makes sense! Here is the App’s description with Mark ‘s own words:

We are using the iPhone to create site-specific art work about the BP oil spill. Basically the work lets the viewer see the broken pipe and oil anytime they see a BP logo. The viewer aims their iPhone at any BP logo and what they will see is the broken oil pipe come out of the BP logo. Out of the broken pipe comes the oil, pluming upward. This is done by overlaying 3D computer graphics onto the iPhone’s video camera, a process also known as augmented reality. What makes this project important is that we are using BP’s corporate logo as a marker to orient the computer-generated 3D graphics, basically turning their own logo against them. This re-purposing of corporate icons will offer future artists and activists a powerful means of expression which will be easily accessible to the masses and at the same time will be safe and nondestructive.

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