Monday, August 22, 2011

Augmented Reality Korean Unification Project 2011 TRIP

Documentation of the 통일 한국의 프로젝트 / The Augmented Reality Korean Unification Project-

The Augmented Reality Korean Unification Project unites North and South Korea with augmented reality [AR].
The project evolved as I documented it. North and South Korea are currently at war which makes documentation of military locations mainly prohibited. This is for good reason. During my stay the 2 countries fought on the day of a trip I had scheduled to go the JSA DMZ. info here-

Photos of the actual DMZ are strictly prohibited for which reason I have
voluntarily removed augments in all prohibited photo locations so not to tempt someone to break these rules. The conflict between these countries is not a joke and posting the wrong image could endanger many peoples lives. If you ever go to visit these locations, go knowing that photos are mainly not allowed. Sadly this is not made clear by tour groups until the tour has begun [I asked multiple times beforehand and was give vague answers].
The shown picture is at a approved photo location. Directly behind this building is the DMZ. I chose to remove the South Korean outpost by turning it into part of the mountain [shown].

This project is being developed by Mark Skwarek and uses erasAR technology.

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