Sunday, July 29, 2012


What's wrong with your community? 
We all know many problems facing our communities but often feel powerless to create change. 

Problems from across the world will be collected and created in 3d for viewers to experience with augmented reality. They will be seen at the Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Danish community and museum visitors are invited to explore the problems which will be spread out across Denmark. Viewers and the global community are invited to propose solutions which will also be created. 

All people participating will be credited for the show as collaborators.

A one sentence problem is enough to become a collaborator! 
Solutions to the problems are also welcome.
Submit both if you want!

To participate - send your communities problems to 

A message board is currently being constructed- 

The problems will be posted to a message board. The community may also post solutions to the problems to the message board.  There will be an attempt to create the solution with augmented reality and place it where the problem is! 

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