Sunday, February 24, 2013

AR [Augmented Reality] Intervention

Mark Skwarek:AR [Augmented Reality]  Intervention 

South African robbery in Copenhagen mall supermarket- Mark Skwarek and Y: M: NOONE
Mark Skwarek:AR Intervention
Opening March 1st. 7-9pm
Performance March 9th - Amory Event 6:00 -
On view until March 25th 
Bring Smart Phones and or tablets-
Mark Skwarek showcases a series of recent augmented reality
interventions created across the globe. These confrontational,
politically charged works are created by the artist and his community.
Skwarek acts as instigator and organizer for the community at large
and several of the pieces feature an array of contributors joining
arms in a virtual protest. From the 1st augmented reality in North Korea to the theft of the British Museum's parthenon marbles the work will bend the meaning of reality, public and private space in digital age. The work is unique because location and budget were not restrictions on the projects.

 For this exhibition, Skwarek will release his greatest collaborative work ever
An app that lets the public create anything -- anywhere with augmented reality!  Skwarek and friends will perform with the the app during the coarse of the show. 
March 9th Armory Event @ Devotion. 6:00 performance.

The creatAR app was created by Mark Skwarek [project lead], David Chen, Naomi Namba, Arunvivek Supramanian, and Amy Espesito.
Collaborating performance artists from around the world include Patrick Lichty, Jeremy Hight, Naomi Namba, Xabier Perez, Wafa Bourkhis.

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