Wednesday, March 20, 2013

creatAR is showing @ Wintermoot in Anchorage Alaska

Wintermoot Mixed Reality Festival:
"If on a winter's night a traveler"

Augmented Reality at Fur Rondy:

Out North Contemporary Art House and the Institute for Speculative Media are hosting the annual Wintermoot Mixed Reality Festival @ Fur Rondy in Anchorage, Alaska.
The show will open on March 1st and run through the 31st, while Fur Rondy is in full swing in Anchorage. There will be a thrid Friday opening coinciding with the regular programming at Out North.
To view the work, download the free Layar app for your smart device, and search for the layer "Wintermoot 3" in the New or Art sections. The author of the layer is Institute for Speculative Media and is one of the search options. Works are visible all over the city of Anchorage, and can be accessed remotely if you adjust the filter settings to over several thousand miles.

Winter's Night:

The theme this year is "If on a winter's night a traveler", based on the novel by Italo Calvino. Digital storytelling will be playing a major role in the show this year, focusing life in Alaska during the winter.

Step-Sister Cities:

At Wintermoot this year, the Institute for Speculative Media has designed a step-sister city collaborative initiative. If you are an artist or collaborative group who would like to participate in an augmented reality project in Alaska, but can't make it up here, we would love to partner you with local Alaskan artsists, musicians or performers who can help you make an amazing AR experience!

Participating Artists, Groups and Collaborative Teams:

Post-Neo Absurdist Anti-Collective with Philosphy Inc.
Sander Veenhoff
Noxious Sector Collective
Patrick Lichty
Joelle Howald
Gail Rubini and Conrad Gleeber
The Spectral Committee
pr0phecy sun
Joshua Medsker
Matthew West
Mark Skwarek
Nathan Shafer

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