Thursday, February 5, 2009

showing @ cyberarts 09

cyberarts 09
We are lucky enough to be able to show the Children of Arcadia at
cyberarts 09 ^^! we will be showing COA at the Cambridge Art Council April 20 through May 24.
Children of Arcadia
Arcadia will be projected as a large panorama. Come see!


Joe Hocking said...

Are you sure about those dates? The Cyberarts Festival is from April 24-May 10, but I just realized I don't know if CAC wants the piece up longer than the festival runs.

Regardless, I'll not be able to attend the opening because I'll be in Spain (doh!)

By the way, while the full exhibition list won't be posted for a while I'm sure, Cyberarts' preview page mentions us:

mark skwarek said...

thanks -- I'm still cleaning up the post --