Friday, June 8, 2012

this is a general call
I know how busy everyone is so u don't have to response / only if interested-

all i need from u is an idea- contact me [mark dot skwarek at gmail dot com] 

While in the UK/ in london/ liverpool
I will steal whatever u want and put it where u want it- 
the crown jewels at your house, 
london bridge across a local creek. 
all statues and monuments are up for grabs!!!!!!
***where u put it will really make the piece

the place / big ben / the queen on a boat/..... 
all u have to do is provide the idea
I will steal it for you + document the site of removal in the UK! 

everything must go!!!
I will only be able to do a few..
so good ideas rise to the top ^^

Mark Skwarek

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