Sunday, June 17, 2012

"The Hunted Slaves"

For my FACT RESIDENCY I will take on the issue of slavery in my new work loosely titled "The Hunted Slaves". The work will draw on the dark slave trade history of Liverpool. The work will create an AR "simulation" of what it was like to be a slave.
*** It is important to note that the experience can never come anywhere near replicating the horror of slavery.

The work will use bio sensors to "attempt" to control the users fear somewhat like a horror survival video game but the horror will be based on factual historical accounts.
Viewers will have their humanity stripped away and experience the horror of the slavery as they explore Liverpool.
Again - this work can come nowhere near the actual experience of slavery but it will allow viewers to have see, hear, and learn about slavery. The work is meant to remind viewers of the past and hopefully draw awareness to a practice which still takes place today.
This is the1ST time this has been done with AR.

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