Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lecture at PACE University this Friday

I am giving a lecture at PACE University this Friday

Title: The ARtSENSE Project
Date: Friday, November 16, 2012, 12:30-2pm, light lunch snacks served
Where:   Pace University, Seidenberg School of Information Sciences, 163 Williams St., New York

Cell phone and tablet based augmented reality (AR) represents a potent next wave integration of locative media, art, information, and internet content for mobile device camera video and GPS. What is the potential of AR both as a technology used to enhance museum audience experience and interpretation as well as a contemporary artistic medium? This presentation features the European Union co-funded interdisciplinary ARtSENSE project and the consortium’s collaboration with the international artists' collective Manifest.AR. The new notion of Adaptive Augmented Reality (A2R) is explored, focusing on the different yet complementary A2R use-cases of the National Museum of Decorative Arts, Madrid, Spain, the National Museum of the History of Science and Technology, Paris, France and the Foundation for Art and Creative technology (FACT), Liverpool, UK. A special emphasis will be given to FACT’s upcoming Inside-Out collective exhibition, which will be bringing to the wide public, eight mobile A2R art projects, imagined, conceived of and deployed by the international artists’ collective Manifest.AR.

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