Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Showing @ MULTITUDES 54 Gallery // ART BASEL Flood / GLOBALECTICS: Art for Change

Art for Change

GLOBALECTICS: Art for Change aims at providing visitors to our city an alternative to the systematization at work in the construction of contemporary art. This systematiza-tion interprets contemporaneity as a continuous, unique and linear progress as “if X then Y” with a historical origin and meaning to be read only in one direction.
By bringing together artists from different racial, cultural, geographic and social back-grounds in an exhibition linking art and social transformation, GLOBALECTICS: Art for Change participates to current transformations and usages of the city, the intermin-gling of populations, the arrival of new inhabitants, the development of technologies and discussions about more fecund spatial categories and scales for thinking and devel-oping territories.
What are the ingredients of these territories (cities) in “becoming”? What are the models used by different spatial planners to equip these with an identity and a dynamism? This international exhibition sees the city in a definition that leads to a complex of compo-nents that must be highlighted in light of different forms of utopia, territorial models and theories on the urban (city-nature, creative city)
GLOBALECTICS: Art for Change argues that art and culture must be mobilized for transformation of the urban landscape through a materialization of the territory and the living together. In this context, the artists are better equipped for a redefinition and revi-talization of the city in the diversity of its space.

Non exhaustive list of anticipated Artists

Carl Juste-Miami
Iris Photo Collective
Philippe Dodard
Gregory Vorbe
Peter Wayne Lewis
Brian McFarland
Kofi Kayiga
Victor Ekpu,
Edouard Duval Carrie
Paul Miller
Joe Mangrum
Mark Skwarek
Roland Fisher
Michael O
Cecil Cooper
Nikki Luna
Rashin Fandhi
Ricky Allman
Alejandro Mendoza

MULTITUDES 54 GALLERY, "GLOBALECTICS: Art for Change," 5570 E. 4th Avenue Miami, FL.
December 2012.
Reception: Saturday, December 1 at 7 to 10 pm

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